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Morning Assembly

Queue up and Warm up, Saying of prayers, Recitation of Thai National Anthem followed by India’s National Anthem.


Morning Assembly

Morning Assembly


Classroom Activities

Well equipped and spacious classrooms providing a peaceful and creative atmosphere.

Our classroom activities involve not only Studies, but Singing, Storytelling and Miming. This method enhances the grasping power of the children.


Classroom activities

Classroom activities


Contests / Competitions

In order to bring out the talents and skills of our Tiny Tots, we often hold various contests/competitions to test and discover the aptitude of the little wonders. This practice helps to motivate and enhance their natural flair.


Coloring Competition

Coloring Competition

Indoor Games

As the saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. When we feel the children are overworked, we allow them some relaxing, yet creative moments to rejuvenate them and eliminate boredom. We organise mind games for them to be played in groups. This targets their mental aptitude, emotional balance and social skills.


Indoor Games

Indoor Games


Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are the coordination of small muscle movements especially the coordination of finger movement with vision. These skills are acquired as children, and humans secure and perfect them throughout life.

Therapists believe that the hand should be prepared before introducing the use of writing tools. Fine motor skills are the basis for the preparation of the hand. Fine motor skill development is not only essential for handwriting; it is a necessity for daily living: dressing, eating and computer use.

We arrange and encourage a no. of activities to help the children acquire these skills, thereby making them self-dependent early.




Indoor Sports

A perfectly designed Indoor Gym for Toddlers as well as Grown Up kids.

An Indoor Gym has been designed keeping in mind the safety of the children. This is where we organise physical exercises aimed at a child’s proper muscular development and physical balance, which is an important part of their personality growth.




Outdoor Sports

Children are the powerhouse of energy. For their proper physical development, we are equipped with a well developed and large outdoor playground.

Carefully selected Toys, Swimming Pool and various P.E. Training Sessions are in place to ensure this.

Apart from this, we have special classes for Muey Thai (Traditional Thai Martial Art). Children are trained by Professional Trainers.

This particular program has been designed to create high sense of Discipline and Moral Aptitude among children.




Field Trips

Educational Field Trips several times a year.

We often organise Field Trips for the children as an important part of our educational program.

Besides hands on knowledge, these trips are designed to create Team Spirit, Sense of Responsibility, and Independent Thinking among them.




Festival Celebrations

Celebrating all major Thai, Chinese, Indian and Western Festivals, making the children familiar with all different cultures and helping them understand the different Festivals and their significance in society.



Stage Concerts

“CONFIDENCE ” is the cornerstone of Human Personality.

At Tiny Tots, we believe that the ultimate aim of education should be to generate confidence. We organize several stage concerts round the year. Our Children perform on different cultural themes on stage. Parents are invited to support and encourage them. We have found it an excellent way to ensure an all round development of our Tiny Tots.




Summer Camp

Special Summer Camps are organized every year during July and August.

The Main objective is “Learn with Fun”.

Lots of Activities are specifically designed to this end, in which children participate wholeheartedly.* ( OPTIONAL )




Saturday Playland is the highlight of the weekend.

A right way of channelising children’s extra Energy.* (OPTIONAL)


Saturday Playland

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