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Foods That Mess With Your Poop

Foods That Mess With Your Poop

Pooping is something that most people all over the world t

ake for granted. It is nothing to be thoughtful of unless constipation has loomed in. But according to experts, occasional constipation is not something that creates any health problems when you know about the foods that you should avoid to steer clear of the situation.

1. Dairy Products: Cheese or clarified butter may serve your taste buds but too much of them are bad for the digestive system. It has been proved that excessive intake of dairy products make the gastrointestinal track sluggish to such an extent that it causes indigestion and stool problems. This is because most dairy products have a complex structure which the stomach finds difficult in breaking down.

2. Highly Processed Foods: While most people have become fans of processed foods like pasta, noodles, oats and even chocolates as they save a lot of time, they are not favorable to the digestive system. Highly processed ingredients are known to contribute to constipation and bloating which feels very uncomfortable and do not allow one to focus.

3. Heavy Painkillers and Allergy Medications: Drugs that contain high doses of opiates are likely to mess with one’s bowel movement. This is because the bowel is known as a receptor of opiate which means painkillers are likely to affect them. It has also been found that people who take painkillers on a regular basis have stool problems. Anti-allergy medicines generally contain high doses of antihistamines which aim to dry out the mucus and sinuses present in one’s body. This way they also dry out the poop making it hard to pass and contribute to constipation.

4. Unripe Bananas: The interesting fact is that while unripe bananas can trigger poop problems, ripe and yellow bananas can help in releasing it. This is because the green and unripe bananas are rich in starch content which makes it difficult for the stomach to digest.

5. Swallowing Chewing Gums: While it is not true that if someone accidentally swallows chewing gum, it would linger in the stomach for several years, too many chewing gums if swallowed over a short period, can cause blockage of the digestive tract leading to constipation problems. The situation turns even worse when chewing gums are swallowed with other indigestible substances like seeds.

6. Caffeine: Though caffeine is known as a bowel stimulator, it can lead to stool problems when someone has too much of caffeine in the form of chocolate, black tea, coffee and caffeinated water when the body is dehydrated. It leads to constipation, bloating and several other bowel related issues.


The key to having a healthy bowel movement every morning is to keep oneself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables with high fiber content. But if the problem persists for over 3 days, it is important to check with a general physician to determine whether there is any underlying health issue.

Poop Matters – How Its Shape & Color Can Indicate Your Health Condition?

Describing poop as per its shape and color can be difficult. So, doctors resort to a scale which can show different variants and it is commonly referred to as Bristol stool chart which gives people a fair idea of the poop conditions. So, here is a brief description of different types of stools which can help you assess your poop and overall health conditions:

1. Separate hard lumps which are uncomfortable to pass: This kind of stools has stayed for a long time in the bowel which makes them difficult to pass. When the stool is separated and formed hard lumps, they indicate that you are probably constipated. It tends to subside on its own, but in case you are passing these poops for over a week, you must consult an expert to know what’s causing it.

2. Sausage shaped lumpy stool: This type of stool can also mean that you are constipated. It can also be eliminated by adding more fiber to the diet and drinking more water which can help in bowel movement. On the other hand, if you have a sausage-shaped lumpy stool with cracks on the surface that are easy to pass, it means that you have a normal stool that doesn’t need any medical intervention.

3. Snake like stool that is soft and smooth: If you have this type of poop once or twice in a week, it means that your digestive system is on track. Even though every individual has unique toilet habits, it is normally good if you pass this type of stool regularly.

4. Watery poop without any solid pieces: If you have this type of poop for more than two days, then you should call your doctor without further delay. It is also required to check whether you have other symptoms of dehydration such as dry mouth, headache, sleepiness and dizziness accompanied by pain in the abdomen and fever.

5. Fluffy poop with ragged edges: When you have this type of poop for more than three times in a day, it means that you have diarrhea. You should drink plenty of fluids as per your suitability. Even though you must have enough water, you must replace the electrolytes that are lost by consuming broths and fruit juices.

6. Brown poop: There can be a host of brown shades of poop, and the exact color entirely depends on the foods that you eat and the bile content in the food. It is important to mention that bile is a yellow-green fluid that aids in the digestion of fats. Almost all shades of brown and sometimes green are considered normal unless they are causing any discomfort in particular.

With this information, it will be easier for you to assess your overall health condition along with your bowel health.

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