Archive: August 2017

Craft a Magic Fairy Wand

Is your child enchanted by the Fairy God Mother in Cinderella? Craft a sparkling magic wand to help her indulge in a little imaginative play and make the fairy tale come alive.

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Incorporate #seeds into your diet as well as your child’s diet… The benefits are tremendous!

Sunflower & Pumpkin seeds could be snacked upon replacing the unhealthy bag of crisps children usually munch on.
Chia & Sesame seeds could be sprinkled onto salads and mixed into sandwiches, yogurt, etc.

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Back to School

#BackToSchool Starting with some sleepy eyes from the late mornings of the lazy summer break 🙂

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Growing Sunflower Sprouts

With large seeds that are easy for kids to manipulate and a fast growth rate,

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