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Safety Pin Bead Bracelet

Safety Pin Bead Bracelet

Showing appreciation for friends is a good lesson to learn at any age. Get your child started with this fun activity! This project is not only a good way to get kids practicing patterns but is also a perfect way for friends to swap meaningful tokens. Plus, it makes a great activity for a play-date between two good buddies.


What You Need:


1. Safety pins, at least 30 large ones


2. A variety of small beads, also known as tiny beads or seed beads


3. Wide elastic


4. Sewing materials




What You Do:


1. Open a safety pin, and place the beads on the pointy end, one at a time, until it is full. Close the pin. Note: Remind your child to be very careful when opening and closing those sharp pins! You may want to handle the safety pins yourself.


2. Repeat with the remaining safety pins. Encourage your child to use patterns with the beads or to practice patterns she has been learning in school. Your child can repeat the pattern on multiple pins or create a new pattern each time.


3. Once all the pins have been filled with beads, string the elastic through them until the elastic is filled.


4. Sew the elastic together. Now your child has a beautiful friendship bracelet she can bestow on a dear friend, or wear herself!



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