Archive: March 2016

10 surprising facts about your eyes! Enlighten yourself now

You never tend to pay a lot of attention to your eyes unless they are affected by some serious disorder or unless your vision is disrupted.

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Let there be colors of Peace and Happiness all around this Holi

Happy Colorful Holi to each and every soul from http://tinytotsinternational.com/

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4 ways to never fall sick at season change

It is your body’s immune system that stands between you and the germs.

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Feed the birds. Don’t cage them

Every living being needs its freedom and has an equal right to it just the same as humans do. Live and let liveĀ .

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5 Sweeping Reasons To Drop That Hand Sanitizer You Carry Everywhere!

Although hand sanitizers offer you the convenience to clean your hands sans soap and water, and help in killing germs, these convenient health tools also come with their share of negatives.

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