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Did You Know ?

Did You Know ?


A richly decorated species, the Nicobar pigeon features a metallic green back and wings, a white tail and a gray chest and head. Long, elaborate feathers stream down from the species’ neck, giving it a distinctive look.



The Nicobar pigeon is found in Southeast Asia – from India eastward, on the Nicobar islands to New Guinea, and in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. They prefer mangroves and lowland forests.


The Nicobar pigeon flies from island to island in its native range to find seeds, fruit and insects to eat. The species often sleeps at night on nearby offshore islands to find safe refuge from predators. They nest in trees, building its nest from sticks. The female lays one egg per breeding period, and both the male and female cooperate in rearing their young. Near threatened due to overhunting and predation by introduced species, such as cats and rats.


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