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Meet Dinesh Dwivedi, an 11-year-old

Meet Dinesh Dwivedi, an 11-year-old

Meet Dinesh Dwivedi, an 11-year-old lad hailing from rural backward for whom solving IIT grade questions is an amusement.
He has never been to school but solves tough IIT-level questions of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and imparts tuitions to students aspiring for an entry in IITs. He is able to solve toughest mathematics problems in minutes. He also imparts tutions to students preparing for most toughest entrance exam for engineering (IIT-JEE).


Living in a small rented room along with his father, elder brother and sister in Mutthiganj, Dinesh is favourite ‘guruji’ to hundreds of students who dream of cracking IIT but cannot afford expensive coaching classes.


Nearly 250 students are coaching under this wonder kid and are hoping to make it big, with the child having had a brilliant track record in training up aspirants .


After just four months of coaching 8 out of 12 students cleared the AIEEE, whereas four cleared the SSC. Surprisingly, there are lots of people who are ready to pay any price for a seat in his class, but they are unable to get a seat.


The students studying under him are free to ask any question and raise any kind of doubts while teaching. This super-brain is able to solve the problem in a jiffy, without books and notes in hand. His fame is not just restricted to Allahabad. Students from different districts of the area come to his class for guidance while preparing for competitive examinations.


Dinesh Dwivedi, the 11 year old Engineering Teacher claims, “I never went to school and whatever I have learnt I have learnt at home. I am teaching IIT students from last year. I teach Physics, Chemistry and Maths.”


The child when asked of this extraordinary brain and its capacity, he says, his plans are to become an IAS and serve the country. He also wishes to make some groundbreaking discovery in the field of science.


He demands nothing from us but some respect and a little bit recognition.

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