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Proverb of the Week – “HASTE MAKES WASTE”

Proverb of the Week – “HASTE MAKES WASTE”

This Aphorism means that if you try to do something quickly, without planning it, you’re likely to end up spending more time, money, etc, doing it.


Moral Story: A Faithful Dog and Its Master (Moral: Haste makes waste)
Once there was a hunter. He lived in a village. He had a dog. It was very faithful. One day, the hunter went to the city with his wife. He left his son at hire. A wolf came there. It entered the house and attacked the baby. The dog fought with the wolf and killed it.
In the evening, the hunter and his wife returned from the city. The dog was waiting outside for its master. When it saw its master, he licked its feet. The hunter saw the stains of blood on the dog’s mouth.
He thought that the dog had killed his son. He became very angry. He took his gun and killed the dog. When he found his son safe inside the house and the wolf lying dead near him, he wept bitterly.
Moral: Haste makes waste.




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