Archive: January 2012

The right age to introduce cow’s milk

Why do experts recommend waiting to introduce cow’s milk until a baby is 12 months old?

Reviewed by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board

There are several reasons to delay the introduction of cow’s milk until your baby reaches his first birthday. Most important, a baby’s digestive system can’t digest cow’s milk proteins. Cow’s milk also has too much sodium, potassium, and chloride, which can tax your baby’s kidneys.

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How can I get my kids to listen to me

Picture this ….  My children are 5, 3, and 18 months old. They do not listen to me and do not follow my instructions, until it gets to fever pitch shouting point. They do listen to my husband and appear perfectly behaved for others. Things feel like they are getting out of control – how can I make my children listen to me so that I am less stressed, and our family is happier?

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